Most of these ideas are more fleshed out, these are just shorthand notes.
No real gender or body type in mind for most.

The Current
- Metal shop promotional calendar
...Shot styles to be negotiated.
...Flat rate per shoot, proceeds will split between sexworkers rights orgs./shop/myself/
- More latex, in any shape or form.

The Recreations (with some changes)

- Murakami: Hiropon and My Lonesome Cowboy
- Sex is no accident ad campaign

The Misc.
- Mouth torture
- Fairy with wand up ass
- Grimms' Fairy Tales Kids, winners and losers
- Dirty Amphigorey
- Prosthetic Disfigurement (silicone, marshmallow, paper maché)
- Various kink in public, discrete and overt
- Various exhibitionistic stuffs
- Anal speculum egg-cup eating
- Punished cello student
- The best Seamless delivery ever

The Scriptflip
- Beefcake with tiny pastry pasties. (I have the pastry-chef)

The Nerdy
- Starfleet comms badge nipple pasties
- Deathstar ballgag
- Maison Pixel
- Spiderman kinbaku (basically need Hajime Kinoko for this)

The Historical/Co-option
- Biederer camp style boudoir in period dress
- Recreation of vintage vibrator booklets with sapphic/queer elements

- Firecracker torture
- Pages of hook-suspension ideas, to be facilitated by expert & experienced piercers and riggers. For those with hook experience. Open to introducing the novice, but not within context of planned shoot.
- Vintage hypodermic piercing/bondage

The Usual
-Always up for rope,/bondage, marks, cheesecake, etc.

And your ideas.